TES NI & Google Street View Trusted

Project Description

TES are multi-award winning environmental engineering experts specialising in water purification, water recycling, power conservation and distribution. Providing specialist services to the water and power industries in the UK and Ireland as well as continuing to grow into new markets including the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

TES have a wealth of experience in providing water treatment solutions for municipal, industrial and domestic sectors. After completing their brand new concept design building in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, the team at TES NI wanted to be able to let their clients from all over the world be able to ‘see inside’.  This was perceived as an excellent engagement tool for clients and helped underpin the level of expertise and the scale of their facilities here in Northern Ireland. Their Google Street View  Trusted virtual tour is now an integral part of their website, built in for ease of navigation to ‘See Inside’ all their facilities, office and factory.

Project Details

  • Client: TES NI
  • Location: Cookstown, UK
  • Date: Aug 2013
  • Website: www.tes-ni.com

Google Street View Trusted virtual tour of TES NI by 360 Agency’s John M Lynch